greensboro comicon Afua Richardson

Artist: Black Panther: World Of Wakanda, All Star Batman

Afua Richardson is an American comic artist, best known for her work in the award winning , and politically potent Top Cow mini series entitled ” Genius”. She has recently been noted  as a “Woman of Marvel” with Covers for Captain Marvel and Captain America. Her long client list includes Marvel, DC, Vertigo, and Image Comics.

 In addition to being a visual artist, she is a writer, mentor, graphic designer, activist, singer, songwriter, voice actor, musician. As recipient for the Nina Simone award , she has been called a  “Modern-day renaissance woman” and a “Jane of All trades”



greensboro comicon Richard Case

Artist: The Doom Patrol, Sandman, Doctor Strange

Richard Case has been illustrating comics professionally for more than 25 years. His run on Doom Patrol with writer Grant Morrison twisted the minds of a whole generation of comics readers and helped launch the Vertigo imprint for DC Comics. He has also worked on other Vertigo mainstays such as Sandman, Preacher, Books of Magic and Shade the Changing Man, as well as Marvel titles including Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Nighthawk. He continues to work on his creator-owned title Annie Ammo and is a concept artist for Red Storm Entertainment, most recently helping to develop Tom Clancy’s The Division. Case also illustrated Ssalefish Comic Books’ exclusive and sought after variant cover for the comic book “Alter.” Get a copy for yourself for FREE when you buy a VIP ticket to the Greensboro Comicon, and then have Richard sign it at the show!




Greenboro comicon Tommy Lee Edwards

Artist: Mother Panic, Superman: American Alien, Turf

Beyond serving as senior director and co-owner of NC Comicon, Tommy Lee Edwards has made quite an impact on the comics industry by illustrating titles such as The Question, Marvel 1985, Superman: American Alien, and Turf. He directed Microsoft’s The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator series from a script by Edgar Wright, created a multi-media series published by Dark Horse called Vandroid, and partnered with I Speak Machine, Google, Random House, & Lex Records to create the interactive sci-fi unprintable book Strata. TLE’s is currently illustrating Mother Panic (co-created with Gerard Way) for DC’s Young Animal, while writing and directing an animated tv pilot for Fox.



greensboro comicon Bridgit Connell

Writer/Artist: Brother Nash

Bridgit Connell is a freelance comic book artist. She is the creator, writer, and artist of Titan Comics’ Brother Nash. She also does Marvel movie sketch cards for Upper Deck, the most recent being the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set. Bridgit resides in Charlotte with her wonderful husband Justin and their puppy monster, Barnabas.




greensboro comicon Rico Renzi

Color Artist: Spider-Gwen, Howard the Duck, Squirrel Girl

Rico Renzi is an artist and designer from Washington D.C.. His work has appeared in WIRED and Fast Company Magazines, and various publications from D.C., Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Scholastic, Boom Studios, Oni Press and IDW. He currently colors Spider-Gwen and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl every month and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and daughter.



Greensboro comicon Corey Kalman

Co-Writer/Creator: Amerikarate

Corey Kalman is a comedy writer, Canadian, co-creator and co-writer for the hit Action Lab comic book series, AmeriKarate. He has a wife and cats and they all live together in Nicolas Cage’s imagination.



Greensboro comicon Chris Sims

Writer: Deadpool: Bad Blood, X-Men ’92, Down Set Fight

Chris Sims is a writer and Durham local known for his work on Deadpool: Bad Blood, X-Men ’92, Down Set Fight, and A Year of Marvels: Nick Fury. Since 2010, he’s been the Senior Writer of the Eisner Award-winning


greensboro comicon MARCUS WILLIAMS

Artist/Co-Creator: Tuskegee Heirs

Your friendly neighborhood artist, Williams is an American Illustrator and currently the co-creator and artist behind comic projects Tuskegee Heirs and Super Natural.
A long time lover of video games, comic art, and all things animated, Williams has dedicated his young artistic years to fine tuning his illustration muscles by way of freelancing.


greensboro comicon Sam Ellis

Animator: Archer, Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Frisky Dingo, Catbug

Sam Ellis makes comics, produces cartoons, and games. He has worked for a myriad of animation studios and publishers in a variety of positions from LA to Atlanta. Sam also created and owns the collectable card game THROWDOWN™, which is now available from to Wal-Mart, featuring the characters from Nickelodeon’s hit show Miraculous, the Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Sam Ellis


greensboro comicon Chris G

Artist: Mini-Marvels, G-Man, Tales from the Con

Chris Giarrusso is the author and illustrator of the G-MAN superhero graphic novel series for younger readers, THE G-MAN SUPER JOURNAL diary series, and the G-MAN WEBCOMICS comic strip. Chris created the Mini Marvels humor comic strips for Marvel Comics, and illustrated the comic con-centric humor comic strip TALES FROM THE CON at Image Comics. Find Chris at:



greensboro comicon Brian Smith

Writer: Voltron, TMNT New animated Adventures, The Stuff of Legend, 

Brian Smith is a former Marvel Comics and DC Comics Editor, his credits include Ultimate Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, The IncredibleHulk, Batgirl, Deathstroke, and dozens of other titles. His most recent work as a writer/artist is the Kid’s Read Comics award winning OGN Tree Mail from Dark Horse Comics. Smith is also the co-creator and writer behind the New York Times bestselling Graphic Novel The Stuff of Legend, and the writer/artist of The Intrepid EscapeGoat, both from Th3rd World Studios. His writing credits include The Castoffs from Lion Forge Comics, Finding Nemo: Losing Dory from BOOM! Studios, Voltron: From Days of Long Ago from VIZ, TMNT New Animated Adventures from IDW, and SpongeBob Comics from Bongo.



greensboro comicon Katy Farina

Artist/Color Artist: Steven Universe, Rick and Morty

Katy Farina is a queer comic artist and illustrator based in Charlotte, NC. She’s done work with Boom! Studios, Oni Press, and Z2 Publishing. She’s currently the main series artist on the Steven Universe comic series as well as the main colourist of the Rick & Morty comic series and mini-series Rick & Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It! In the rare instance she isn’t working on comics, she moonlights as the Baba Yaga; enticing local youth into ethical dilemmas and scooting around in her chicken-legged hut.



greensboro comicon Rian Sygh

Artist: Rick and Morty, The Backstagers, Steven Universe

Rian Sygh is a freelance comic artist and living enigma working out of Charlotte, NC with his Partner and two cats. He’s done both illustration and sequential work with Boom! Studios, Diamond, HarperCollins, ONI Press, Valiant, and Z2 Publishing. He is the Artist and Co-Creator of Prism award winning The BACKSTAGERS. Which is pretty good honestly. 



greensboro comicon John Wycough

Artist/Inker: Transformers: Lost Light, GI Joe: First Strike, Star Wars, Optimus Prime

John “Waki” Wycough is a local boy living the dream with credentials including inking work at both Marvel Comics and D.C. Comics as well as long runs at IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics. Some of John’s accomplishments include:Transformers: Lost Light, GI Joe: First Strike, Star Wars, Optimus Prime, He-Man, Fear Itself : Home Front – Marvel, Chaos War : Ares – Marvel, G.I. Joe – IDW, Transformers – IDW, Doctor Who, The Alchemist, Forgotten Realms, Star Wars, Bloodrayne, Noble Causes, Lone, Shadowhawk, Intimidators, Robotech, Marvel trading cards and various other comics. He currently working on the upcoming creator owned series “Limelight”.

Let’s Get Waki


greensboro comicon John hairston


John Hairston Jr. has been an artist for as long as he can remember. A North Carolina native, he created art before he could read or write. Throughout his grade school years, he spent the majority of his time drawing superheroes and listening to any old soul or Hip Hop records he could get his hands on. Little did he know that his love for all things spandex-clad and funky would play such a major role in his development as an artist. Under the guidance of his high school mentors and college professors, he learned to tap into these components to create a style of artwork that seamlessly blends political satire, social commentary and obscure pop-culture references. Hairston graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and began his career as a professional artist illustrating storyboards for a string of independent films and several television ads. He has done commissioned pieces for numerous art collectors and various non-profit organizations. Hairston’s work is currently on display in various art galleries all over the East Coast and Charlotte, NC.



greensboro comicon Andrew Herman

Writer/Illustrator: Zoe Dare vs the Distasteroid, Kung Fu Ltd

Andrew Herman is a writer and Illustrator from Houston, TX. He has worked in the film, video game, and comic book industries. His credits include writing the screenplay and directing portions of the comedy feature film Lloyd the Conqueror as well as illustrating and co-writing for Zoe Dare vs the Disasteroid and Kung Fu Ltd. Andrew has also illustrated cover art for the Infinite 7 and Zombie Tramp comic book series.

Paging Mr. Herman