Saturday January 12 (Floor 10am – 6pm)

Summit Panel Room (1st Stage) is located downstairs  Appalachian Panel Room (2nd Stage) is located upstairs

12:00 Summit Panel Room
Nerd Slam
The Nerd Slam is a winner take all contest in which contestants will be putting their wits on
the line against other opponents. The unique part of this contest is that all participants will
be putting their own individual knowledge of their favorite show, video game, comic, etc
against others with their own Nerd Specialty as well. Think Wolverine(comics) vs
Dragonball Z (manga) in a bracket style King of the Hill WINNER TAKE ALL!!

12:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Black Animation Renaissance
This one of a kind panel brings together some of the most experienced and exemplary
talents on the Black independent comic book scene to discuss the West’s checkered past of
Black representation in the animated medium as well as its amazingly bright future! Like
the Harlem Renaissance before it, the Black Animation Renaissance is on the verge of
changing the way the Black community and the world at large looks at creativity of African
descended creators in a medium that has always suffered from a lack of adequate and
flattering representation.

1:00 Summit Panel Room
Illustrated History Books
Join a discussion with the creators of sci-fi comic, Tuskegee Heirs, as they talk about how a
futuristic book helps modern readers connect to history. We’ll also have a representative
from Greensboro’s International Civil Rights Center Museum to help us understand how
readers might respond better to history in a comic than a traditional textbook.

1:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Breaking In To Bad Movies
You love b-movies and now you get to chat with the creative twisted minds behind
freakish entertainment like Puppet Master, Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong and find out
what it takes to make your favorite low-budget horror movies!

2:00 Summit Panel Room
Queer Comics
Times continue to be tough for minorities, especially those of gender and sexuality. Join
creators and superfans representing a variety of identity as we talk about the best queer
representation in comics!

2:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Ways To Be Wicked With The Winchesters
Join a panel that talks about Sam, Dean, and the crew, as we run down the worst of the worst! Sit down for a wickedly fun Q&A with local Cosplayers dressed as the characters of Supernatural. This panel will be rated PG-13 and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

3:00 Summit Panel Room
Beast Boy Speaks!
Greg Cipes has a long career in voice acting, including Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go! What got
him into one of the greatest comic book cartoons ever? What animal would he most want to
be? And if he when he’s a DJ, does he call himself Beatz Boy? All this and more in a live

3:00 Appalachian Panel Room
If the Hero of Time Was Black
Alchemist, poet, and future physician Ashley Harris performs selected poems from her new
book entitled “If the Hero of Time was Black.” This work explores heroism, ancestry, and
stereotypes around blackness in the Legend of Zelda and how they connect to our world
today. She will also have a discussion with the audience about the major themes of the
poems and speak on how the book came about.

4:00 Summit Panel Room
The Ethics of Star Trek
Star Trek has spent much screentime dealing with ethical issues, so much so that episodes
have been described as morality plays. Trek can be an opportunity to explore what’s most
important to us. Come discuss issues like the Prime Directive while avoiding modern US

4:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Foam: Prime, Paint, and Seal
There’s now one perfect way that works for every foam project. Whether it’s a rigid props
or an armor piece that has to move with you come learn the best materials, tools, and
techniques to finish your foam project and make it last!

5:00 Summit Panel Room
Black Heroes Matter
Join us as we check in on the state of racial diversity in comics today. What’s getting better?
What’s getting worse? And what does the success of the Black Panther movie mean for the
future of the industry?

5:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Fanboy Faceoff
Fanboy Faceoff is an interactive debate panel based on the Screen Junkies / CleVVer Movies
web series. Participants will have the chance to convince the audience of their characters
supremacy for the chance to win prizes. The Panel is Hosted by Fanboy Faceoff
Screenwriter Hector Miray.

Sunday January 13 (Floor 11am – 5pm)

12:00 Summit Panel Room
Comedy Podcasting with Internet Picnic
Want to learn how to talk funny online? Join the guys from Internet Picnic for a discussion
on the ins and outs of crackin’ jokes and entertainin’ folks on a comedy podcast! Topics
include structure, hosting, writing, improv, building an audience, and more; bring your
questions and walk away with everything you need to know to start a show!

1:00 Summit Panel Room
Talking Cartoons!
We know you love watching animated series. Now, you can meet professionals like Rico
Renzi (co-creator of Into The Spider-Verse’s Gwen Stacy) and voice actor Greg Cipes (Teen
Titans’s Beast Boy) to learn more about what goes into making these shows and how you
can go from your side of the TV to theirs!

2:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Explore the history of the representation of women through comics, video games, television
and movies. How have things changed over the years, and what’s getting better? How can
consumers and fans of these media help to improve the representation available?

3:00 Summit Panel Room
Crossplay, Genderbend, and Defying Expectations
Cosplay doesn’t have to go by an outdated gender binary anymore! It’s 2018 – Why would
your cosplay have an outdated relationship to gender? Learn the positives and pitfalls when
it comes to adapting great comic and anime characters to a broader spectrum of gender
identity and expression!

3:00 Appalachian Panel Room
Creator Focus: Spider-Gwen’s Rico Renzi
Join the hosts from Internet Picnic podcast for a laid back discussion with colorist
extraordinaire Rico Renzi! From his origins slingin’ books in NC comic shops to seeing his
work on SPIDER-GWEN, LOOSE ENDS, and more, everything’s on the table in this jam-
packed creator feature!

4:00 Summit Panel Room
Cosplay Contest
Let the world see the hero (or villain) you are on the inside, bursting through for this special
occasion at the Greensboro Comicon Cosplay Showcase you can join us in the Summit Room
at 4pm Sunday!, strut your stuff on stage with the best of them. Whether you made your
own costume from scratch, thrifted it together, or bought it from a pro, show off your look
and be proud in your second skin!