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Saturday Sept 16th

11am: Zombie Makeup 101

Have you always wanted to dress like a creepy zombie, but have never known where to start? Well Donttouchmymilk Cosplay will help you get your spook on. Using basic techniques and several supplies you can find around your own home, she’ll turn one volunteer from the audience into something that slowly twitched its way through your nightmares! Come early if you would like to volunteer to get made-up.


1pm: Black Heroes Matter

If there was ever a year we need to be talking about race in comics, 2017 is that year. Join a collection of creators and historians as we share what’s working in diversity representation, where we need to make things better, and just how we go about doing that. Don’t miss this one!


2pm: Love Is Love

Keep Pride going all afternoon by coming to this panel about Queer representation in comics, including guests like Rian Sygh from Backstagers and Katy Farina from Steven Universe!


3pm: Moving Pictures

Comics fan? Cartoon fan? There’s something for you here when creators from the worlds of animation and print comics talk about the stuff we love!


4pm: Cos-PLAY

Cosplay can take a lot of work – sewing, crafting, starting from scratch. If we couldn’t have fun, we’d never keep this up. Join Marvel Variant Cover Model Eddie Newsome and cosplayers from around the state to talk about what makes them laugh and how cosplay brings them the friendships that keep them going!


Sunday Sept 17th

11am: It’s All About That Base Coat!

Comics, movies, anime, and TV shows are full of awesome, multicolored characters to cosplay. But how do you go about turning yourself into a completely different color? Donttouchmymilk Cosplay will show you the basics of body painting. One volunteer from the audience will be painted a fun color, and talk about multiple techniques of makeup application. Come have fun! If you want to volunteer to get painted, arrive a little early.


12pm: That Freelance Life

You’re a great artist. We all know that. But how do you go from that talent to getting your name in the credits of that issue in someone’s hand next Wednesday? Independent creators Rian Sygh, Katy Farina, and Afua Richardson will help you figure out how to get yourself to the big companies, and we’re also going to learn the life tips they all wish they’d heard when they started out!


1pm: Idea To Reality

You’ve got a great project just ready to take to the printer. But… where do you get that done? How do you pay for it? How does this thing work? Independent creators Chris Sims, Bridgit Connell, and Rico Renzi will talk about the ups and downs of taking a creative inspiration all the way to the hands of adoring fans.


2pm: Nerd Slam

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the best nerd in this whole convention? Prove it! Nerd Slam pits folks just like you in trivia battles covering topics like Anime, Comics, Video Games, Fantasy Novels, and more! Win prizes! Rub it in your friend’s face!


3pm: Cosplay contest

Watch a cavalcade of the best-dressed in Greensboro compete for the judges’ favor. You’ve never seen a collection like this, an astounding collection of cosplayers covering the best in comics and other geek fandoms, putting their technical skills to the ultimate test.